Go into all the Nations, preach the goodnews and heal the sick!




We started our mission journey with YWAM(youth with a mission), since 1989 and gave our lives to full time missions, we worked in the slums in India, worked among the children and casting out demons and praying for healing for all kinds of sickness’.  In Goa, India, we started work among Oriya group of people(Orissa), and planted a church, a young man from Orissa, John Nayak, Pastors the Church called Olive Fellowship. In 2008 God brought my wife to London and later we all joined her. It has been quite a journey, we are here as missionaries and are working full time in Holy Nation ministries. We are involved in Homeless ministry- we cook  food for the homeless, hospital ministry- praying for the sick, Nursing home ministry- having a church service for residents and staff,  preaching, evangelising,and giving leaflets on the streets of London, leading Home Group.


Preaching in the church

Trinda preaching in the church